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CISV USA - Building Global Friendship

CISV International and CISV USA are grateful for the financial support of many donors around the world. Here are examples of recent projects that are supported by generous individual, corporate and government sponsors in different countries. The following provides you an idea of the kind of projects for which CISV is seeking financial support.

  1. The Ito Foundation U.S.A. provides funding that assists chapters in hosting Villages and other activities
  2. Aon Limited supports CISV publications
  3. The Andrew R. DeMar Charitable Trust has assisted in web development
  4. The Schocken Foundation has provided scholarship funding enabling delegates to attend programmes
  5. A grant from the European Commission for assistance with operational expenses
  6. CISV members raised nearly US$100,000 from within CISV and matching corporate funds to support the CISV International Tsunami Project in Indonesia and Thailand
  7. A generous grant received from the Four Acre Trust allowed CISV International to commence an intensive two year development project, partnering two of our Promotional Associations - CISV Poland and Kenya - with two established National Associations - CISV Germany and Sweden, respectively
  8. A Four Acre Trust grant has increased our international resources related to education and training
  9. In 2004, CISV International entered into an exciting three year Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Newcastle University. This working relationship involves the Department of Education, Communication and Language Sciences as well as the Marketing Department. Supported primarily by the UK Department of Trade and Industry, this project has pported the review of our brand identity. The outcomes are assisting us in developing more effective internal and external communications responding to the needs of CISV's multi-cultural and multigenerational global audience.
  10. US-based author, John Shors has chosen CISV as his charity of choice and is donating part proceeds from the paperback edition of the award winning book "Beneath a Marble Sky" to CISV Find out more.
  11. Alkacon OCEE is used for LDAP access, and is provided by courtesy of Alkacon.
  12. Potts Printers have contributed to printed materials
  13. Deltec International Courier has assisted in distribution of publications
  14. Business Link Tyne & Wear has supported staff development, rebranding and web design
  15. The Council of Europe, European Youth Centre cooperated with CISV on an exciting study session.

To find out how you can get involved in supporting CISV contact CISV USA's Fundraising Team who will provide you with concrete material that will help you better understand the advantages of a partnership with CISV USA.

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