National Strategic Plan

CISV USA - Building Global Friendship

CISV USA's strategic plan until 2017 is outlined below.

Improve our Financial Stability

Financial stability as a national organization of semi-autonomous chapters will improve the quality of our programs and our internal operations. We will:

  • Make operations more efficient and uniform among the chapters, seeking ways to reduce chapter fees.

  • Leverage the newly compiled alumni database to engage our alumni.

  • Continue existing fundraising campaigns and develop a comprehensive fundraising plan.

  • Create a meaningful national scholarship fund endowment by 2018, supporting our belief that CISV programs should be available to everyone.

Support Our Chapters

Recognizing that the chapters are the heart and soul of CISV, the National Association will strive to support them in the following ways:

  • Continue role-based regular communications to connect chapters to the NA and to each other, through conference calls, CISV Central groups and regional trainings.

  • Facilitate and expand access to promotional materials, tools, training, and chapter-specific alumni data.

  • Regularly assess our technology strategy and improve it where needed.

  • Have defined and easily understood processes and resources to help both existing chapters facing challenges and groups interested in starting new chapters.

Expand Local Opportunities and Programs

One of the components of a strong chapter foundation is its relationship with the local community. CISV USA strives to build local support by:

  • Broadening domestic offerings.

  • Fostering relationships with Like Minded Organizations.

  • Making accessible at the national level information on chapter Mosaics.

Strengthen the National Association

In 2014, CISV USA Board moved to a strategic and governance model. As such, we continue to progress and refine our processes to:

  • Institutionalize a thoughtful board succession plan, creating an efficient and diverse board, working together to support the mission of CISV and positioning CISV USA to thrive in the present and future.

  • Implement an Executive Director (ED) model, allowing the ED to direct the day-to-day operations with the committees and volunteers and the Board of Directors to focus on the strategic plan and governance.

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