Board of Directors

Tait Anberg

Tait is an elementary public school teacher in Atlanta, GA. He is a graduate of the University of San Francisco where he earned his bachelor and master of arts degrees. Tait received his teaching certification from Mercer University in Atlanta.

A member of the Board of Directors since 2014, Tait serves on the Organizational Development and Education Committees of the Board, as well as the Hosting and Sending Distribution System Task Force. Prior to his election to the Board, Tait served as National Expansion Chair, presidential appointee to the Executive Committee, National Trustee-at-Large, National Leadership Trainer, National Seminar Camp Committee Chair, National Training Committee Youth Liaison, and National Youth Convention Chair.

Actively involved since 1985 when his family joined the San Francisco chapter, Tait attended Interchange and Seminar programs as a youth participant, led two Village delegations, staffed a Village and Youth Meeting, directed two Villages, planned a Village, Summer Camp, and Seminar Camp, and founded the Atlanta chapter. He worked for the 1996 Centennial Olympics, the Atlanta Union Mission, coached high school and youth wrestling, and he currently coaches for Girls on the Run and youth basketball. He and his wife Joni, live in the Atlanta area with their daughter Emma.

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